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Essay: Why I want to study computer science

Growing up in the technology age characterized by widespread computers applications marked the beginning of my interests with computers. My father is a military technician who spends much of his career life traveling to and from different Islamic states with the US Marines as a military logistician. My father is a real fanatic of his job as he is literally obsessed with it. When at home, he spends much of his time on the computer developing and trying simulations for war planes, military combats, and vehicle operations. I often look up to him because his logistics operations are behind some big wars that the US has won in the past such as the war in Afghanistan, and various other military operations. As my father demonstrated, the military processed a lot of information through the computers including the digital terrain models, aerial photography and remote sensing applications in various military operations. Occasionally, he came home with various maps and models developed for use in the wars. I fell in love with his profession, but not as much as I did with just how much fun and easy it was to fight complex wars in a world so enabled by computers.

Later, as I progressed through to high school, I discovered many things that I can do with computers. My high school exposed use to computing techniques such as programming and modeling techniques though especially for those who wanted to pursue computer-related courses and professions later in their lives. From this exposure, I felt that I did not have to be on the war front, but still contribute significantly through logistics development. While on vacations, my father showed animations they used to train for their military operations under different environments. Particularly, what captured my interest was the ability to model terrain characteristics to depict different terrain characteristics eminent in various grounds. Computer simulations of military combats, war planes, and missile evading techniques my father displayed to us just trifled my intrigue. The applications were quite practical and seemed very effective for the modern day scenario. My love of computers and experiences I have attained have acted as an eye opener to the many different opportunities that I can exploit with a profession in computer science. Owing to these experiences, I see pursuing a profession in computer science not only as a gateway to achieving my childhood dreams but also as a bridge to exploring a wide array of other opportunities available in the world.