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Introduction to Relationship Centred Care; Science and Practice

Faculty of Heath and Wellbeing

BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies

Academic Level: 4


Assignment:  Forming Relationships in Nursing (L4)


These are the requirements for the task for grading:



This assignment provides you with opportunity to explore the meaning of ‘compassionate relationship-centred care’ using a range of literature and media sources (some of which are suggested below). It requires you to read broadly around relevant literature to generate a definition of ‘compassionate relationship centred care’ in your own words. You are then required to illustrate this definition with one or more clinical scenarios before considering some of the barriers that nurses face in providing ‘compassionate relationship centred care’.

Please attend to all four components of this assignment.




  • Broadly read around the topic of ‘compassionate relationship-centred care’. This may include some of the literature provided in the module Resource List Online. One is available for the assessment in each field of nursing. Pease note that your reading should not be restricted to this list alone.


  • What is ‘compassionate relationship-centred care’? Your discussion in this section should draw upon relevant literature to support the development of a comprehensive definition of ‘compassionate relationship-centred care’ in your own words (650 words approx).*


  • Based on your definition above, write one (or more) clinical scenarios to illustrate how a nurse might provide ‘compassionate relationship-centred care’. Your scenario(s) may be based on a real event(s) or a ‘lifelike’ imaginary event(s). Clinical scenarios may be presented in any layout the student chooses (strictly no tutor guidance will be given on this), (600 words approx).


  • What barriers (actual or potential) do nurses face in providing compassionate relationship-centred care? Consider how nurses, in partnership with patients, family carers and colleagues from other professions, might overcome barriers to care (750 words approx).*




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