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Academicscope is an online platform where students and their tutors share academic content. The site offers an access to millions of academic content. We are cognizant that students and their tutors require different approach to information. We distribute academic information from different subjects to students all over the globe. We partner with major academic databases, libraries, students, tutors, and professors to disseminate important academic information. Our database contains major academic journals, repositories, archives, assignments, term papers, research papers, dissertations, books, and academic videos. We are a long standing and dynamic leaders who are determined to create innovation and information sharing among the academic populace

Our team is composed of thousands of academic professionals with diverse academic background. These professionals are mostly anonymous volunteers who have decided to create a free content for the students. Our professionals are always free to interact and help the students whenever appropriate. We believe that educational information should be easily available for us to have an enlightened society. Therefore, we are determined to give the students additional information that they may not find in their libraries


Anyone with important academic content is allowed to contribute to the development of this massive academic site. You are free to post your content with your name on it. You are also free to request for the removal of your content. The content of the site is solely used for academic purposes


Since its inception several years ago, Academicscope has been beneficial to millions of students. Here, students are sure to find relevant materials that are of great benefit to their educations. Students are also free to post their questions and concerns and it will be answered by our experts within minutes. This is the most wonderful and exciting academic site in the first half of the 21 century. We have always been highly rated by the students. We hope you will find every academic solution in this site