Analysis of the Views of Karl and Goldblatt

Karl Paulnucks believes that music brings humanities to life and is never just art and entertainment as perceived by the majority of the people. While addressing an audience of freshman students, he elucidates a famous moment when he sang a famous song at a nursing home that brought about extreme emotions of one his friends.  The icon believes that music enables individuals to express themselves when they run out of words. For instance, he recalls the famous song dedicated to Aaron Copland’s pilot friend who had been shot during the Second World War. Karl has demonstrated great oratory excellence supported by an easy to understand vocabulary to the freshmen who were the largest composition of his audience. Overall, he suggests that music is part of the human life and helps a lot in the expression of emotions and feelings of man.

            On the other hand, Goldblatt will remain one of the all-time greatest pianists and composers of music. His keen eye for the instrument and the overall message conveyed through his lyrics drove several of his audience into waves of emotions. In his musical career spanning several decades he has thrilled many by his piano skills, contribution to great artists and general remarks about the concept of music. He appears to be addressing a general audience majorly composed of his fans who adore his music. Through his great discography list, he has discussed several concepts such as the role of music in helping solve spiritual disorientation of the listeners as well as love matters. He believes that music is one of the few aspects that can never be hated by anyone. He uses music to address his audience mainly through popular hits that forever last in their memories. Therefore, these two people had contrasting views on music


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