Audio Record Transcription Example

CE Team: First we do a survey on our business needs

Owner: I Understand. Is a tentative survey forward?

CE Team: Actually is a good day for that next to know which day is best for the interview.

Owner: Friday is a good day, it seems like on Thursday I’ll be busy’.

CE Team: Keep it for another time over.

Owner: Afternoons they are usually the best time; morning are a bit more hectic, so it’s not a good time.

CE Team: Okay.2pm?

Owner: Sure!

CE Team: Oh sorry! So just curious Chuzo, have heard you just come across with Dr Ruth… and she ruchued.

Owner: No one of the professors shops here and he coned me into a procession.

CE Team: (He laughs) hopefully you had too much of a broken heart, but team already corrupt?

(The phone rings)

Owner: No, I don’t need a whole thing. I’m not good at names

CE Team: Oh Yeah! There is here his is new since, the photography was changed, but some do some boom bulging which is another program so we don’t know what accusations the program desire to have and what is more on the process. So these kinds of projects are uncommon in NGA programs across Canada so…

Owner: We having problems there with boom bulging

 CE Team: oh it’s fair, have you ever seen share parts?

Owner: yea slowly

CE Team: Oh slowly than that!

Owner: yeah! Then get invested, after you stay under a dollar  

CE Team: Yeah it is the TSX and is not in the US as well. Okay!

CE Team: Yeah we are excited for having you here and we appreciate you for being with us absolutely.

Owner: Yea! What do you want to know?

CE Team: The size and the age is a little bit a briefcase of the company colleges.

Owner: fine, the Company now has forty employees, whatever! I don’t even know myself. How do we start about then company, you what to get the story?

CE Team: Yeah!

Owner: Well this is back in the late ‘80s before your times, ah… my cousin, my part of my cousin and always looked at this property and always looked to be whole blocks that build in there, that build in there and seized to stand alone at that time and here in the piece store I don’t know if you get familiar with piece store, and the company that owned it, owned the property had a trauma went bankrupt. Into three stores like 15 percent plus at the time ah…so this puzzle of land came after the sale because; the company in Trauma owned it and the MP was just leasing off to them, they usually lease and nobody wanted to buy the property because the AP was on a month-month right? Anybody in the know knew that the AP wasn’t staying. AP was working on shifts

CE Team: yeah despite the one with the possibility of staying. There was no possibility

Owner: They were going out. As being I’m stupid, and just happened that I had some money at the time, my partner had money at the time, we decided to buy it with the intentions that I was like treasurer at the time working. This would pay for itself. The right payment from the AP would pay for the mortgage, so in twenty years we would be free in clear, we would be able to sell the property, make some money retire and that was it. And that life was good right? in that time the interest rates were high okay! If you had a million dollars in the bank saved up the collecting 12 percent you are making like 120k a year, life would be sweet.

CE Team: Yeah, that’s a good investment for sure

Owner: Yeah that is all what we had to do if you could get, if you could somehow manage to save money the interest rate they would be paying you well as per annum compared to today right? So we buy the property ah…with this, that was a limited view. You know what I mean?

CE Team: Yes

Owner: Six months after we buy it we get a registered letter from the MP saying they are living. They give a nine day notices or so whatever. So now we work on that.

CE Team: Based on where you registered the property.

Owner: The inquest was where on we registered

CE Team: Oh! No

Owner: So now, we had to call off open this company up. What else could we do with it? What could we do with the store?   

CE Team: Yeah, I’m not sure what the enviros looked like, the timetable was like was it busy location?

Owner: No, No, No, because it is down all was acted and the company was all dying so things were getting worse and worse and worse as going on. Like they say back in the 70’s, the 60’s and the 70’s, this was a hub, Okay! There were a lot of people around here, a lot of people down lived in this area, and people were working this store and then safety store were courts treat that way up, that was it. That is where people did their shopping. My parents we came here we shopped here, as it was one of the stores. So this was in a way a little gold mine in those days, but then the people moved away when they were up in the hill.

CE Team: yeah in the kind of a hill

Owner: And all this was dying. We dint have that kind of plan, we wanted the MP to stay here, pay the rent and grow enough. Right! That is all what we wanted.

(The CE Team laughs)

CE Team: Yeah you would expect the MP to jump shit just like that at all.

Owner: Well yeah! Why would they jump suit in our limited point of view we just dint see it coming right now they had abandoned then store they stopped spending money, they weren’t marinating it to their level.

CE Team: Aah! Yeah they had an indication that they were leaving.

Owner: Anybody knew that ah… if you aren’t putting money in the business you are getting out, that you are playing more in it you’re staying or you are getting out.

CE Team: Yeah for sure, kind from what I’m gathering it looks like

Owner: So we decided we were to operate on our own right, so partly in operation and locked our computer lock MP that time it was close Sunday so Saturday five o’clock they shut the door down, they did an emunctory, we paid them their money for all these grocery and shops and on Monday morning we opened up on regal food.    

(CE Team laughs)

CE Team: Well,……

Owner: We had around like this one eight it was my wife’s and my partners wife and we were putting names together and we came up with all kinds of names and none of the names and between any name none of us agreed on. The last name was the combination of a letter from my name and a letter from my partner’s name and ah.. that was one of the least. That’s it. The meeting was over, so we went

CE Team: So when did you open the second store. How is that?

Owner: The second store, this was a few years back. The second store my partner on his own had burden Centennial mall, you know the mall over there on the chapel building, you know and he was leasing to quality market at that time and again they went bankrupt and that was it. Now what do you do?

CE Team: Okay

Owner: We took it over and gave it to our sons to run kind of a deal a separate business   

CE Team: Is it like independent, or…?

Owner: Obviously there are ties and all that, I mean they are running it on their own

CE Team: Okay.

Owner: You know, they are learning the roles step by step. Okay. Is not quite the same thing as money handed to them and all that, I had to beg Bornie to steal the money. Okay. At that time money was easier banks were more of easier to lend you the money. Banks could lend you money just on your good need, you know what I mean?

CE Team: Yeah, your good will to spend it.

Owner: No no, the bank would lend you money on way back. Like that. Okay.

10.35 CE Team: it kind tough to open up a business as one of my friends opened a style up business canteen here in town and getting money in the bank was an issues, they want you to have a good track so as to finish this comfortably.

Owner: How you get the track is the main concern, that’s true.

CE Team: So your partner what did he do? He went up to shine?

 Owner: He worked at the mill; he was a miller, so he worked at the mill.

CE Team: Okay.

Owner: Okay with zero experience we went to the Grocery store and you know, I was married just freshly married at the time my experience was, I was making a good wage, if I wanted up or whatever I dint think I wouldn’t look at the price I just dint care. You know when you are buying for one person is something different, there is no, you are making good money who cares. Right? Now, that you are in the business you know people that come here they got two three kids, limited amount of money price is a very, very, very big issue you know what I mean. You have to be very so you have to be very competitive otherwise they won’t come back.