Catholicism and Protestantism

Most of the Christians around the world are either Catholics or Protestants. The Catholics are headed by the Pope. However, the Protestants are other Christians that are not part of the papal authority and leadership. The protestants are part of the numerous churches that disagree with Catholicism. This paper explains the major differences between the Catholics and the Protestants.

One of the striking differences between the Catholics and the Protestants is the bible. First, the Catholics have more books in their bible than the Protestants. Therefore, the Catholics believe in some additional books for their Christianity teaching as opposed to the Protestants.  One the same note, the Protestants believes that the bible is the standard of Christianity and is the only source of God’s special revelation to mankind. Therefore, the protestant believe that the Christian behavior should be measured under the standards and the principles set in the bible. On the other hand, the Catholics believe that the Bible alone is not sufficient in Christian life. They believe that the bible teachings should be strengthened by the Roman tradition. Therefore, they believe that the bible and the tradition hold an important part of Christianity.  

The Christians and the Catholics also disagree with the leadership and the authority of the pope. Unlike the Protestants, the pope holds an important part of Catholics life by acting as the mediator between them and God. Therefore, the Catholic has given the pope the authority to speak on matters of faith on behalf of the Catholics. On the other hand, the Protestants are of the view that the spiritual authority does not rest in the hands of men, but on God himself.