an environmental economics assignment


Please read the following assignment and the guide to completer the task required

Major Assignment – Review Paper
Select a recent article dealing with an environmental economics issue* from one of the following journals. Your task is to review and evaluate the article in terms of the following criteria:
• Comprehensibility (accessibility for readers)
• Presentation and structure
• Methodology used (i.e. what technique was used)
• Main findings/new insights/research contributions
• Potential to influence environmental management or decision making in practice
You should commence your assignment by giving the background and context of the article you are reviewing. This is best done by reading a few articles on similar topics. You should discuss the assumptions, strengths and weaknesses of the methodology used in the particular paper under scrutiny. Refer to the Assessment Guide below for how your assignment will be graded.
Your review paper should be around 1200 words in length (without the Bibliography) but not more than 1500 words. You should provide the full reference of the article reviewed at the top your paper. Your assignment should have in-text references and a list of references based on the Harvard Referencing style.
Journals from which you can choose:
??Journal of Environmental Economics and Management ??Ecological Economics
??Journal of Economic Perspectives
??American Economic Review
??Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics ??American Journal of Agricultural Economics
??Land Economics
??Environmental and Resource Economics
??Review of Environmental Economics and Policy
??Environmental Management
??Journal of Environmental Management
??Journal of Environmental Planning and Management ??Environment and Development Economics
??Resource and Energy Economics ??Energy Economics
??Resources Policy
If you want to review an article that is not from one of journals listed above, please discuss the suitability of your article with the Subject Coordinator at least 3 weeks prior to the assignment due date.
* The subject matter of the review article is not limited to environmental valuation. You can opt for broader topic including environment valuation, property rights, market-based instruments, environmental policy etc.

please follow the following guide

A Review of (insert title of paper) by (insert author) in (insert Journal name volume – i.e. date – number/issue and page numbers).

Put your student name here and student number

Introduction (you can leave headings in your review)
Start with a big picture statement that relates to the article, maybe even directly citing something from a related paper or even quoting from the article under scrutiny. I’m randomly chosen climate change but the topic could be anything really.
E.g. “Climate change remains own of the most difficult environmental policy challenges (Stern 2010)”.
Move to describe where the review article fits in the literature.
E.g. “Numerous studies dealing with climate change have focussed on regional impacts and the consequence of continued use of fossil fuels (see, for example, Smith 2015; Jones 2014). The article by XX fits within this genre of analysis, although it includes several contrasting and important features”.
Add the forecasting statement.
E.g. “This review critically evaluates the contribution of XXX to the debate on regional analysis of climate change. The review itself comprises three additional parts. In section two a synoptic overview of the article by XX is provided whilst section three is used to focus on the strengths and limitations of the work. This includes some brief comparisons with related studies in similar fields. The final section provides summary remarks and suggests areas for future work.”
A synoptic overview of XXX
Explain what the authors set out to do and provide a summary of any theoretical, methodological or policy contributions. You should reference the article, but don’t go overboard. Occasional and strategic use of direct quotes can help break this section up.
E.g. “The authors set out to “contribute to our understanding of the discourse around regional climate change” (Stern 2010, p. 11) but the nature of this contribution is not always clear.”
An assessment of the contribution of XXX
This is where you can make some constrained criticisms of the work. Check the objectives of the journal and see if this paper meets those objectives? Is it meant to be readable by lay people? If so, does it meet that test? If it’s a case study, could the results apply elsewhere or are the data too limited? How does it compare with other papers on the topic and is this really a new piece of work or just a rehash of other materials? Is this going to change anything for policy makers? These are the types of questions you can address in this section.
E.g. “Whilst the case analysis offers useful insights on the regional effects in China, it is not at all clear whether this information can be generalised to other nations.”
Concluding remarks
Just a couple of sentences is probably enough given the length of the assignment. Finish on an encouraging note if possible.
E.g. “Stern (2010) set out to examine the regional impacts of climate change and its relationship to fossil fuel use. Overall this was achieved and the paper makes a non-trivial contribution to the policy debate in this field. Nonetheless, several limitations and caveats apply. First, …..”

Around half a dozen references will suffice. Cite papers that are related in terms of topic or method.