ESSAY: Why Guantanamo Bay should not be closed

Because most of the American people want to close down Guantanamo, closing it down will just move the detention facility to another location, and closing it all down will just jeopardize national security for the United States.

The Guantanamo Bay should not be closed down at all; since, this will cause harm to the National security of the state and move most of the detention facilities to another location, thus interfering with national security. This is the main reason as to why Politician’s and some of the American citizens should not interfere with closing down of this detention facility. Obama is the fourth president of the United States once he was sworn into office, he decides to sign an executive order that required this facility to be shut down. He set a timetable and clear procedures on how it was supposed to be closed, but his attempt did not materialize (Erin, 2011). The US used to detain individuals in the Bay and they gay backup through funding to ensure that then Bay would be closed following the president orders. The Democrat controlled Congress was not for this and this led to disconnect between them and the president due to the plans that he had set aside to close Guantanamo Bay. Obama gave a speech giving his claims as to why Gitmo was supposed to be closed and when his idea failed, he regretted having not closed the Bay in his early days of his election as the U.S president (Barrack, 2009)

Obama claim of closing down Guantanamo Bay was based on the idea that people were unlawful detained without trial and this was inhuman according to him thus the reason to why he wanted to close down the Bay. Detainees were kept in the Bay due to evidentiary problems and this meant that they could not be tried in civilian or even in the military courts; since the periodic review procedures were not designed in a clear way that could test the legality of detention (Jonathan, 2011).

Guantanamo Bay should not be closed down at all cost as this is the place where unlawful enemy to the state are detained according to the Military Commission Act of 2006. This will save the jeopardizing of the United States security, which is very crucial. Guantanamo Bay should not be closed down at all means since it limits the ability of all the detainees and on the other side, it aims at challenging their detention through habeas corpus petition that was not liked by many and was later changed. Ruling done at Guantanamo Bay gay detainees an option of choosing death sentence implying that, they could not be sentenced to death unless they opted for it. Article III contained in the US constitution allowed detainees to be tried when evidence was availed through the federal court system and with this option there was no need of closing down Guantanamo Bay (Stephen, 2014). Despite the desired of many Americans in the Bay to be closed down still it was not closed because it had the power of prolonging the incarceration of the detainees and this was to the advantage of the national security. Obama concerns to close the Bay were rejected as they were taken to be cruel, inhuman and they as well led to degradation of treatment of the detainees. This was proven after more research was done regarding why he wanted to close down the Bay. Guantanamo could not be closed down for it was a valuable asset in the whole globe on matters to do with war and terror that was on the peak and is still a bother to the whole globe to date. It is very crucial in the prevention of future terrorist attack to the United States and the global village; hence, a reason as to why it should not be closed.

Closing of Guantanamo Bay is not necessary as its function will have to be served somewhere else and this will make no sense of having to shut it down. The United States will still be in need of a house of interrogating suspected terrorists a function that is currently served by Gitmo. The only thing the United States can do is to address all problems evident in the Gitmo detaining center rather than closing down the Bay for it is of high use in fighting terrorism. Guantanamo Bay ought not to be closed down as this will mean that if it will be closed with a reason to placate critics think this will be unjustified reason of taking such an action (Jonathan, 2011). This is because all the unsubstantiated criticisms, which are in one way or another evident at Gitmo, will mostly likely be evident in the new detention center. If Gitmo has to be shut down, it will mean that the United States will have to appease the critics and this will mean that the state will have to change its tactics of fighting the terrorists, which is impossible.

Closing Guantanamo Bay will mean that the detainees will have to be released and this is not a realistic option that has to be opted for. However, if the Bay is holding detainees in an indefinite manner it is doing a wrong thing and releasing them is not an option as they will still go and resume their terrorist attacks. Any detainee should not be released anyhow as they will pose threat to innocent civilians to mean that their freedom is a threat to the society.

Closing down of Guantanamo Bay was regarded to be of no significance to the United States and the detainees on matter to do with the legal system. This is the reason as to why the Bay should not be closed as this will imply that its physical location will have to be changed and legally it is not significant to change the location of the detainees.  Guantanamo Bay has legal power of providing its detainees with all the rights they are entitled to and moving them to another place will not be of any use to them as their right will not be added therefore, closing the By will change nothing. Guantanamo Bay should not be closed because it is not a Gulag as it’s a facility that is reputable compared to other facilities of the same type. This detention facility should not be closed down as it is gives United States ability to house and interrogate any suspected terrorists, which is a key qualification that it can as well fight the Global War regarding terrorism for it’s a super power state. If Guantanamo is closed down it will mean that US cannot fight terrorism on a global level, thus it’s hard for this facility to be closed down. The closing of Gitmo will do more harm than good and after evaluation, it should not be closed down and should be kept open in the meantime (Crowley, 2013).



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