Ethics of Therapeutic Cloning of Human Embryos

An act is considered to be right or wrong depending on the results of the action that is taking place. In Therapeutic Cloning of Human Embryos, the more the good the consequences of the actions, the better or more right the actions will be. In Therapeutic Cloning of Human Embryos, a doctor will have guidance in case he is faced with any dilemma in his job (Jensen 40). He will know the right actions that he ought to take depending on the predicted consequences which were employed for use. This paper discusses whether an action proved to be right or wrong, depending on its predicted consequences.

People ought to maximise the right consequences of their actions. In such a medical case, consequentialisms depends on the type of the act and how it depends on the good process employed for use in the medical sector. Therapeutic Cloning of Human Embryos ensures that human welfare is well maximised as well as their well-being which brings their healing. A successful process on cloning was reported at Oregon Health and Science University, implying that the act that was used in the cloning process was the right one (Jensen 41). Human dignity was highly considered in this process leading to better results in the whole cloning process.  Various safety measures, as well as privacy, were used in making sure that the cloning process proved to be of a high success in human health.   Therapeutic Cloning of Human Embryos was done in a very successful manner whereby; stems cells were well harvested at the end of the process. On the other side, reproductive cloning help in giving live birth to imply that, if the process considers proportionate distribution and humanity dignity, then the act will give better results. Attaining of better results means that the actual consequences of the act were right.

Denying of human embryos is bound to be denied in the coming future, and the actions will be wrong. This is because; the predicted consequences of the initial actions were not right (Jensen 52). Therapeutic Cloning of Human Embryos is associated with the Somatic nuclear cell transfer within the egg. The genetic material in an egg is held by the nuclear and is also responsible for transferring genetic traits. If the doctors had the rightful initial consequence of his work, the action would be right. The somatic cell can easily be taken from any part of the body cell or the nuclear of the egg whose actual consequence will yield to the indented action.

In the course of recent decades, innovation progress has made multi-individual conceptive joint efforts. A huge number of youngsters are destined to folks who work with egg and sperm contributors. This strategy utilizes the customary egg preparation for consolidating male and female conceptive gametes. Because of the starting results of the procedure which were great, the activities will be thought to be correct (Jensen 54). Two hereditary guardian models include mitochondrial substitution, and modifications; that presents a third arrangement of DNA in the creation process. Along these lines, ladies can without much of a stretch conveys hurtful transformations in their mitochondrial because of the first anticipated results which prompt wrong activities.

It is well obvious that researchers have found how to make impeccable human duplicates as the anticipated outcomes was a blend of good activities (Proton 239). These flawless human duplicates were made with the end goal of guaranteeing that developing tissues were for the sole purpose of battling human infection and wreck the duplicates appropriately. Such an undertaking is utilized to take care of issues that incorporate tissue dismissal or even prompt a huge breakthrough in the health sector. It was evident that there was no advance in regenerating medicine as the actual consequences were not right. Due to the poor stated actual consequences, human copies had to be created to ensure that the right actions take place to help with some activities. However, the major problems with human copies are that embryo is not merely a copy, and it is also not an extension of the patient who donated the DNA is the bank that could be utilised. The embryo is genetically identical, and a manifestation of human life as it has human dignity.

The humanity of the cloned embryo begins at the embryonic stage of development whereby; the created embryo is presented in a collection of tissues and trough such a process a biological tabula-rasa is grown.  In this case, then actually predicted the consequences of the outcome a make the action emerge right (Pronton, 240). In additions, more funding is sought to make the actual consequences of the action emerge a success. Federal funding is prohibited for the sake of clone embryo creation, an act which leads to a bad act to the very end.  Cloning embryos with the intention of destroying them imply that the predicted consequences of the act were not good. Bad consequences will lead to bad actions which don’t yield to better results by whatever means. The sexual revolution that could start by the cultural acceptance of contraceptive mentality would lead the denial of human dignity. The ethical consequences of therapeutic cloning have to be contemplated as soon as possible to avoid any cloned human beings from being born in America (Pronton 250). The process of therapeutic cloning is not victimless, but it works to ensure that victims are hidden from the sight and tucked away in the dark where they can’t be viewed.

When embryos are well nurtured in the wombs, they will grow with children, and such a process will be termed as a right action. However, being a class of the human being that will be created for exploitation and destruction purpose at the very end, it implies that the actual consequences will be wrong. It doesn’t make sense to create an embryo just to destroy it at the very end of time and money will have been wasted for no apparent reason. The problem can’t be ignored that same way the contraceptives and abortion happened as we will only sink to a more depravity situation (Pronton 255). Ignoring the problem will only mean that, the portraits will grow closer to madness and become very uglier than expected.


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