Fashion Design Essay Tittles

Choose 1 essay title from this list
– Write 2000 words, including bibliography and siteography (websites, blogs)
– Follow Harvard System (also known as Harvard Style) for citations,
bibliography etc. See relevant pdf. You will find information websites and
YouTube videos tutorials on how to use H.S.
– You must respect laws on citation: copying large chunks of text is forbidden
and punishable by law!
– Include images, but they must be relevant to your text, indicatively between
20 and 30 images. Remember to write author, title, date under each image.


1. “Trace the history of the collaboration between film companies and fashion
designers in the 20th Century”
2. “Discuss the current interest of the fashion industry for the film medium
(‘fashion films’) by comparing its use by 3 different brands. (include links to
the fashion films you are discussing in your text)”
3. “How relevant is fashion illustration in the media today? Discuss through a
selection of relevant examples”
4. “Fashion and architecture: discuss examples of the meeting of these two
creative arts both in the 20th and 21st centuries through specific examples”
5. “The fashion designer as engineer/technician of his creativity in the 21st
century: analyse in detail the work of at least two fashion designers”
6. “The future of fashion: discuss which designers today (at least 3 examples)
you feel are offering a valuable vision for the future”
7. “ Which designers do you feel are making a serious headway into the
genderless fashion realm in the 21st century?”
8. “Is the ‘sex sells’ technique in advertising still a culturally acceptable option
for 21st century fashion brands? Discuss through a variety of examples”
9. “Is the male suit dead? Discuss the relevance of the male suit in 21st century
fashion through examples from at least 4 designer brands”
10. “Explain your personal vision of a fashion UTOPIA for the near future. Give
plenty of relevant eaxamples.”