Hillary Rodham Clinton: Biography

This brief biography is adapted from the book: HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON: A WOMAN OF POWER

Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of the most influential women in the world. A mother, a wife, a career woman and a politician; Hillary Clinton has a long history. She is a woman of many firsts. Of all the American first ladies, she is the first to run for president. She also became the first former first lady to serve in the United States cabinet. Also, Hillary Clinton made history as the first woman to be elected the senator of New York. Hillary is also the first woman to be nominated by the Democratic Party to vie for the American presidency. These are just a few of the tens of many firsts mentioned in this book. Probably, she may be the first woman to be the American president. Her star continues to rise and shine each day. Many people are wondering what makes such kind of a woman. This book is a critical analysis of the life of Hillary Rodham Clinton. The book examines her early life, education, her legal career, her experience as first lady, her tenure as New York senator, 2008 presidential campaigns, 2016 campaigns and the possible impacts of Hillary Clinton as the American President. The book examines how all these factors made her a woman of power and propelled her this far. The book touches on the decisions and the strategies used by Hillary Clinton that has made her all this powerful. It is also true that the life of Hillary Clinton has been marred by controversy and scandals. The book examines how Hillary Clinton managed to navigate these controversies and scandals and still retain her powerful stature.

Hillary Rodham was born in Chicago in the year 1947. She was born in the family of three: His other brothers are Tony and Hugh. He was raised in a Christian family under the banner of the United Methodist Family. Their father had a very successful business in the textile industry. Clinton has admitted on several occasions that she learned a lot of things from her parents who instilled discipline and motivation throughout her life. Clinton learned the value of hard work, discipline, and determination from her parents.

The star in Hillary Clinton’s life was noticed in her childhood life. In the school, she was the darling of the teachers. One of her teachers described her as “a student you cannot fail to recognize in a classroom”. At Park Ridge School, Clinton was a very active student. She participated in extracurricular activities like swimming, baseball, among others. These activities made her receive several accolades and badges.

Clinton has always been inspired by bigger things. She is not the type of women who like to live in their comfort zone. At a tender age, Hillary Clinton was already inspired by the good job being done by the NASA scientists. In fact, she wanted to become one of the NASA members. She wrote a letter to the NASA requesting them to become one of their members. Unfortunately, her request to become an AUSTRAUNAUT was declined on the basis that women were not being accepted into the NASA programs. I know Hillary was deeply disappointed. She being shunned because she is a woman? Something probably was wrong somewhere.

Here, we see Hillary thinking of big things at her tender age. Despite knowing that becoming an astronaut was a men’s affair, she still wanted to become one. She already knew at her tender age that her sex is not a limit to her capabilities. At a tender age, Hillary Clinton already knew that she could do as much, perhaps even better than men.

While other female students were sitting back and watching how the males control everything, Hillary was furious. She knew that she can also capable. She knew that her gender should not be a limit to her potential. She became motivated to prove this point.

At Maine High School, Hillary Clinton was also noticed by the students and the teachers’ fraternity. In the same school, Hillary Clinton was selected for the National Honor Society for her outstanding character in the school.

Hillary began her political career in high school where she vied for the vice president in her junior year and won. I think this is one of the motivations that laid the background for her current political life. After winning vice president post, Hillary realized her potential a politician. She realized that men can also be beaten. She got the motivation to vie for the president in her senior year, but lost.

This was the first time Hillary Clinton was facing the reality of competing with the “boys”. It was tough for her. She came to the reality that a woman has to try harder, probably a hundred times to be at par with the boys. She came to the understanding that boys enjoy a “strategic” advantage that has long been planted by the society. Women were doing less about it. However, Hillary Clinton was not going to sit back and watch. She had to do something about it. She wasn’t sure at this time what she might have to do, but she was sure of doing something.

She was even abused when one of the boys told her to her face “you are really stupid if you think a girl can be elected president”. The men marketed the idea that they were superior and the women bought the idea. It was not going to be a walk in the park.

I don’t think Hillary Clinton has even forgotten that abuse from that boy. Being abused just because she is a girl? In her life, Clinton has encountered several challenges due to her gender. Perhaps, one of the reasons to vie for the top office is to prove to the people that everything is possible even for the women.

I know less concerning the life of the boy who abused Hillary Clinton in her senior high school. If he is still alive, he will be one of the people who will be very surprised when Hillary becomes the president of the United States. I know, to some extent, he is already surprised the heights reached by this woman. Being elected the New York Senator, Appointed the secretary of State, and currently the Democratic Party Nominee is big achievements of a woman. So far, no woman in the American history has scaled such heights. Hillary Clinton is just one woman among millions of women in America and the billions around the world.

At her teenage years, Clinton was already in the social justice movement. She was motivated to participate in the issues of social justice by her high school history teacher who introduced her to politics. Clinton interest into the national politics can be traced to the 1960 U.S presidential elections. In this election, Hillary Clinton saw evidence of electoral fraud and was deeply concerned of such irregularities.

In the year 1964, Hillary Clinton also volunteered to campaign for the Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. The other person who ignited the political side of Hillary Clinton was her Methodist youth minister. This teacher was much concerned with the social justice in America and motivated Clinton to participate in political activities to help fight social injustice.

In her college years, Hillary Clinton had already established herself as a potential leader. When she enrolled in College, she enrolled for a course in political science. I believe that Hillary Clinton had already known that she is interested in politics and such a course would help her advance her political life. With a political science degree, Hillary Clinton would be better placed to understand and handle socio-economic issues affecting the United States and the world at large.

Her college political life was also impressive as she was appointed to head the Wesley College Young Republicans. During her life in college, Hillary Clinton supported the election of John Lindsay as the Mayor of New York City. It was during this time that Hillary Clinton changed her views concerning the American Civil Right Movement. She realized that radical efforts to change the political establishments are not effective. Therefore, she sought to work for the change in the American system within it.

Clinton was first linked to the Democratic ideals through his association with Eugene McCarthy. When Hillary Clinton was elected as the president of the Wellesley College Government Association, she got a wonderful platform to enhance her political career. Clinton had already known that experience is a good thing in politics and the earlier the experience, the better the experience.

When Martin Luther King Junior was assassinated, Hillary Clinton, together with other student leaders organized for a two day strike to condemn his assassination. At this stage, Hillary Clinton had already recognized the fact that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. In her role as a student leader, Clinton supported the recruitment of more black students and was against racism. Unlike other students, Hillary Clinton was never a racist. She recognized that there is strength in diversity. Also, Hillary administration employed strategies that ensured that the common disruptions in other schools were not common in their school. She was a student leader who understood how to manage the students and balance it with the expectations of the administration. It is during this time that a number of students believed in her leadership skills are thought that she might someday become the president of the United States.

The professional and political life of Hillary Clinton was also advanced by her professor Alan Schechter. The professor assigned Hillary Clinton as an intern at the House Republican Conference as part of her summer program. This was to give her the necessary experience in the corporate and the political scene. Here, Hillary Clinton was directly involved in Republican nomination campaigns of Nelson Rockefeller. In these campaigns, Hillary Clinton learned a lot of things on political campaigns and sharpened his political skills. She later attended the 1968 Republican National Convention in Miami, where she wasn’t impressed by the racial messages of the republicans. Due to this, she made a decision to quit the republic party.

Hillary Clinton was a woman who respected human rights and would not tolerate racial utterances from anybody. She saw Republicans as people who did not respect human rights from the manner in which they handled the racial sentiments. Considering her ideals and the things she stood for, she refused to be associated with the Republican Party.

During the 1969 graduation ceremony at Wesley College, Clinton got the chance to speak at the event. Actually, this was a rare opportunity in that she became the first student in the college history to be given the privilege to speak to such event. Here, Clinton saw an opportunity to showcase her oratory skills. Her speech received a standing ovation that lasted for several minutes. After the speech, she was featured in the Life Magazine as one of the upcoming American leaders. In addition to this, Clinton was also featured in the Illinois and New England Newspapers together with the Irv Kupcinet National TV talk show. All these events supported the political and professional life of Hillary Clinton. This was a big plus to her personality and political destiny.

Clinton always believed that better education is necessary for a better future. To this effect, Clinton enrolled at the Yale Law School to study law. At Yale, she served at the Editorial Board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action. This gave her lots of experience in matters of social justice. She also worked on several research projects related to childhood brain development. Eventually, Hillary Clinton started handling cases at Yale New Haven Hospital in addition to providing free legal education to the poor. Later, Clinton also served at the Senator Mondale’s Subcommittee on Migratory Labor. Here, Hillary Clinton was involved in lots of research related to health, education, sanitation, and the housing problems facing the Americans.

Eventually, Clinton gained lots of experience in managing social issues facing the Americans. Her experience in handling these social issues made her to be appointed in the campaign management of the Connecticut senatorial race of Joseph Duffey. Here, Clinton got her first experience of actively participating in high profile American politics.

Hillary Clinton met Bill Clinton at Yale. They both dated for some time before Bill proposed to her. However, Hillary first declined. Hillary is a type of woman who does not rush to things she is not sure of their outcome. She wanted more time and think and to figure out how the marriage life would impact her life. On the other hand, Bill Clinton had already seen a woman of substance. He had already spotted a wife material and wanted to marry her as soon as possible. Bill confessed that when she dated Hillary, he found a woman with great potential. A woman who would help him make a happy family and a brighter future. Despite his initial failure, Bill Clinton did not give up. He saw great potential in Hillary and was ready to wait for her no matter how long it may take.

During the Watergate Scandal, Hillary Clinton also got an opportunity to deal with the political mess already affecting the stability of the United States. She was a member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington investigating the Watergate scandal. She helped to research procedures of impeachment of the president under such circumstances. Eventually, the committee work that Clinton was a member culminated the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

By this time, some political observers had already noticed the rising political career in Hillary Clinton. They thought she had a great potential of becoming a senator or even the president of the United States. Therefore, the bright political future of Hillary Clinton was seen several decades ago.

Hillary Clinton also had a short session of giving classes of criminal law. At the university. Clinton was considered the students as rigorous teacher. She wanted her students to grasp everything she was passing to them. To this effect, she was considered a tough grader. As a lawyer, Clinton handled several cases involving child abuse.

In the year 1975, Hillary agreed to marry Bill Clinton in their house wedding. After the wedding, she decided to retain her name Rodham for fear of losing her identity. Even after their marriage, she maintained her interest in children’s law and family policy. She also published several scholarly articles related to child policies.

In the year 1976, Clinton was the campaign director of field operations for Jimmy Carter. In response to her efforts, President Jimmy Carter appointed Hillary Clinton to the board of directors of the legal service corporation. Here, Hillary Clinton co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.  In her capacity as the chair of the Legal services corporation board, she increased the funding for the corporation more than threefold (from $90 million to $300 million). Later, President Ronald Reagan attempted to reduce the funding for the corporation. Fortunately, Hillary fought such attempts to reduce the funding for the corporation as it would negatively affect the legal services.

Hillary Clinton also participated in politics during her husband’s campaigns for the Governor or Arkansas. The campaign went on successfully and her husband was elected to the governor of Arkansas. During this time, Hillary Clinton found the opportunity of being the first lady. Eventually, her husband appointed her as the chair of the Rural Health Advisory Committee. In this new role, she managed to secure federal funds to expand the medical facilities that served several poor people in Arkansas.

Hillary Clinton also had successes in business deals. At a tender age, she had already known that salaries alone are not sustainable. Upon seeking advice from her husband, Hillary Clinton ventured into trading of cattle futures contracts. With an initial investment of $1000, she managed to generate $100,000 within ten months of trading. After this successful trade, Hillary Clinton with Bill Clinton ventured into real estate ventures with other business associates. Therefore, we can see that Hillary Clinton is a woman who is not just concerned with the political developments, but also concerned with economic developments.

During her tenure as the first lady of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton was also appointed to the Arkansas Education Committee in 1983. Upon taking the appointment, she vowed to use her powers to reform the education sector within Arkansas. She is remembered for establishing the mandatory teacher testing and state standards for the curriculum and the classroom size within Arkansas. Her efforts were widely acknowledged by several people as it provided huge positive impact to the education system in Arkansas. Related to this, Hillary Clinton also introduced the Arkansas Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youth. This program also enabled the parents to work with their children in preschool to enhance their literacy.

By this time, Clinton had already established connections within the corporate and the political world. At their law firm, she billed fewer hours due to her commitments. However, she could still make more than $200,000 per annum. She managed to bring in clients to the firm due to her accolades and connections. She was a very important person to the firm.

In the year 1987, Hillary Clinton was named the chair of the American Bar Association Commission on Women Profession. In this new office, Hillary Clinton managed to address the gender bias in the legal profession by coming up with measures to combat the situation. When the chairman of Wal-Mart was pressured to name one woman into the board, she looked left and right and saw Hillary Clinton. Why Hillary Clinton? She was the type of woman with charisma, energy, knowledge, and zeal that the board at Wal-Mart desired.

At the Wal-Mart board, Hillary Clinton is credited for pushing for the adoption of environmentally friendly practices within the company. Also, Hillary Clinton pushed for more women to be added to the Wal-Mart management. By the year 1990, she had already been named one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America by The National Law Journal.