Human Resources Case Study: Fiarfax Metropolitan Hospital

Task Description
1.Read the case study “Fairfax Metropolitan Hospital: The Candidate” in Harvey and Allard 2012; Understanding and managing diversity.
2.Prepare a five- to seven-page paper analyzing the case that integrates answers to the following questions adapted from Harvey and Allard:a.What would be possible actions the HR manager might take?
b.Are there legal considerations for this selection decision?
c.If Jorge hires Saryn, what message is he sending to the hospital staff? If he doesn’t hire her, what message is sent?
d.If Jorge hires Saryn, what problems is she likely to face? What problems will Jorge face?
e.What are some of the underlying assumptions about young employees and overweight individuals that factored into the questions/misgivings expressed by the search committee?
f.What action(s) should Jorge take at this point? Why?



An action that has to be taken by the HR

The HR should ensure that there is a good use of a code of ethics in the company that have to be followed to the latter as a way of ensuring that all people are advised on how to make judgements. Code of ethic is best in ensuring that the right decision making channel is followed. The actions of HR include; implementing or even the creation of ethics program as well as learning about the programs that have to be employed for use. All the gray areas that have to be clarified are best done through the use of ethics programs by the employees. The employee behavior is improved through following of code of ethics in order to ensure that the standards of the company are improved to the right level.

  1. Actions of HR manager

The manager should be focused on improving profits in Fairfax Hospital that guarantees the importance of the HR department. The manager should ensure that the human resources are more focused with the behaviour of employees and any error that is evident is prevented (Harvey & Allard, 2014). In improving company performance, the managers will be expected to communicate ethical values and this will be termed as an action of the managers. It is the responsibility of the managers to ensure that the financial status of the company is attained and all the actions leading to this success are well focused upon. The right behaviour expectation of the company is supposed to be communicated in advance in order to ensure that the right path is followed.

  1. Presence of legal issues

In this case there are legal issues are manifested due to the fact that the requirements of professional appearance is legitimate and that no discrimination should take place whatsoever (Harvey & Allard, 2014). Employees should not in any way be discriminated on matters of appearance or even characteristics rather they have to be given the chance of doing the job as long as they qualify for it. Discrimination due to heavy weight in a woman should as well be stopped with an immediate effect; since, they can as well do job like other people. Discrimination due to applicant’s position is supposed to be avoided as well as ethnicity matters and sexual orientation. Disability should not be a factor that an employee should not be granted a certain job rather he should be given the chance to prove his best.

4a. The message sent by Jorge on hiring Saryn

Hiring Saryn is a positive act due to the fact that there is no one who is after any other servant whatsoever (Harvey & Allard, 2012). Saryn has the best qualifications that enable her to qualify for the job, thus she has to be given the chance to work. In the case Jorge hires Saryn he will send a positive message because he will have chosen the best candidate without any discrimination of any kind. Saryn is a candidate when given the job a lot will improve in the working sector due to the qualities that she poses. All the results that are being looked for at Fiarfax Metropolitan Hospital will be attained through the  hiring of Saryn.

            4b. Consequences of not hiring Saryn

Failure to hire Saryn implies that the hospital will not attain the results that it has been looking out for. Once the hospital discriminates Saryn on appearance issues, it will have lost a lot of gains and incurred many failures. The hospital will not attain profits or even attend to patients as required once Saryn is not hired to give her services there.

  1. Problems associated with hiring Saryn

The problems that will result from hiring Saryn include; shock, fear, resistance and confidence will be very low to an extent they will take some time before getting used to the situation at hand (Harvey & Allard, 2012). Authority and push back challenges will be some of the effects that Saryn will face during his work times in the hospital. It will take some time before Saryn is trusted to work in the hospital and this will mean that he will be put under probation for observation purposes. All the doubt will only cease when Saryn will start to be successful in her actions as well as her performances in the course of duty. The committee will therefore trust her and give her all the mandate of handling patients in the hospital without fear of failure.

  1. Resources that are possessed by Saryn in dealing with the actions

The hospital management is one of the resources that will be used in helping Saryn in dealing with raising problems because; they are better positioned of purchasing hospital instruments for use in treating patients (Harvey & Allard, 2014). The resource that will be required in dealing with the actions in her duty will include support team that will come from the hospital management. Being there for one another is another resource that will be esteemed highly; since, employees will learn from one another on how to use resources like Handbooks, Employment Laws and Regulations. Hey will as well learn how to use the HR Support Services that are available in the hospital premises.


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