Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs

The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (Goldman Sachs), was started in 1918 and since then it has been smart in global investment in securities and investment management with the aim of providing financial services to many clients that are inclusive of corporations and individuals with high wealth. They also entail the government and the global investment banking that is geared towards giving the best to its customers (McGee, 2010). This company operates in four segments that are inclusive of the institutional client services, investing, investment banking and investment management with offices in over 30 countries and owns office in major financial centers where it can capture its customers.

Investment banking is a key area of investment for this company where it gains through high returns and serves corporate and government in the whole globe. Financial advisory services are well provided by the company and ensures that it serves the institutional clients who are very important to the growth of the company. This is an advantage to the government and all the municipalities of the area; since, they gain high tax from the company after it has expanded its boundaries (McGee, 2010). The financial advisory that is offered by the company is inclusive of the strategic advisory assignments that are related to mergers and acquisitions that have been made by the company. Corporate defense activities, risk management, spin offs and the restructurings that are all forms of financial advisory that are used by the company to woo its customers. One stop acquisition is another service that is offered by the company together with offering assistance to its clients in managing assets their liability that need to be well coordinated for the company output to be attained.

This company has a collection of underwriting activities that are inclusive of private placement and public offerings and other financial instruments that are aimed at bringing success to the business (Ellis, 2008). The underwriting that is done by the company are inclusive of revenue from derivatives transactions that have been entered into with corporate and clients from the government. The company originates a range of debt instruments that are inclusive of; the bridge loans and emerging market debt all issued by the company altogether.

The institutional client services of the company are inclusive of fixed income, client execution, currency and all the commodities that the company produces and sells them to its customers across the globe with an equity that includes client execution. Equity is also inclusive of commission, security services and institutional client services that serve all the clients who are loyal to the organization in selling and buying its products (Ellis, 2008). The clear client transaction of the organization together with modification of the markets are all modified through the use of institutional client service; thus enhancing all the future exchange around the globe.

The company uses its global sales force to ensure that the relationship existing between itself and its clients is enhanced at a high rate. This helps the company in receiving orders and distribution investment research that ought to be carried out to ensure that its products impress its customers. It gains trading ideas, learns how to carry out quality analysis and also learn how to collect market information through the use of global sales force. The institutional client service of the company is betting in generating revenue in four ways. These ways are the liquid market, large capitalization of the U.S treasury, mind cap corporate bonds and the currencies that re growing in the market.



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