Why I Love Mathematics: Personal Statement

Mathematics is one of the subjects I enjoyed in school.  Math classes have been my best moments in high school and undergraduate studies.  The use of mathematical concepts in finance has always presented me with an opportunity to display my understanding of the concepts and their application in solving financial problems.  For instance, I found it interesting applying the concepts of ratios, standard deviation, and variance in calculating the risks in investments and evaluating the returns to investments.  Other concepts like probability and rates enabled me to evaluate hypothetical business scenarios, computed cash flows, and arrive at coherent decisions concerning their financial status.  Growing in an environment where my parents, relatives, and family friends have always lamented about the losses they incurred in their business ventures, I got interested in finding out the cause of business failure and success.  My inquisitive character led me to find out more about financial literacy at a tender age.  The desire to gain more of financial knowledge and solve financial problems has consistently been growing.  The various mathematics and actuarial science lectures at Michigan State University laid down the foundation of my keen interest in studying mathematical finance.  Through the various hypothetical and real life financial problems that I solved using mathematics, I have come to appreciate the importance of mathematical finance and the role it plays in business and personal development.  I realized that business success is highly influenced by the financial decisions made by the financial managers.

Enrolling for a Master Degree in Mathematical Finance is going to expose me to mathematical modeling, data analytics, and financial forecasting.  I am planning to get more knowledge on mathematical modeling because it will be very relevant in formulating and analyzing different business models in the real world.  Due to the increasing volatility in the global market, specifically the financial markets, a solid understanding of finance is the only way to rescue the already struggling financial institutions.  For this reason, I intend to concentrate in the financial modeling so to gain the relevant knowledge needed in conducting financial forecasting.  Data analytics is an emerging trend in business information and decision-making. Therefore, I will explore ways to adopt the concept in financial modeling.  More importantly, the program is going instill the relevant financial skills and expertise that will not only be important in my financial analyst career but also lay a foundation for my philosophy doctorate in the same field.

Financial analysts have suggested the application of data analytics in quantitative finance.  However, due to its less popularity with most analysts and finance professionals, fewer studies have been conducted in this subject area.  My interest is conducting research on data mining techniques and how they can be cooperated in financial analysis.  The research would want to find out the application of data analytics in mathematical modeling and predictive financial modeling assessing asset pricing and risk management.  It would help in making coherent conclusions from financial data.

I am an intense, competitive, and self-driven individual with a high passion for financial analysis and mathematical modeling.  I am fluent in English and Chinese language. Through various, I have demonstrated my determination to achieve a career development in the area of Mathematical Finance.  My position as a teaching assistant at Michigan State University, Mathematics Department enabled me to develop and deliver lectures on mathematics courses.  Also, I participated in planning and evaluating of undergraduate mathematics course materials.  My strong desire to see students excel in various math courses led me to pick the role of a math tutor at Math Learning Center where I coached individual students.  Moreover, I created a student-centered learning environment that improved their perception and attitudes towards mathematics.  The roles have developed my confidence and enabled me to expand my knowledge on the subject through writing and administering exams to the students.  During my undergraduate studies at Michigan State University, I served as the director Step Force Dance Crew, an association of Chinese undergraduate students that perform dances and competitions and led the group in conducting performances and competitions.  Through this role, my team leadership and interpersonal relations skills improved.

    After my successful completion of MSc. Mathematical Finance course, I will be able to choose from the several career opportunities presented by the program.  I am particularly interested in the finance consulting.  My career goal is to lead the most reputable financial consulting firm as a chief financial analyst.  To expand my knowledge in the area of financial modeling and forecasting, I would want to enroll for a philosophy of doctorate in the field of financial modeling and forecasting.

I am very keen on taking my MSc. Mathematical Finance at the University of California-Irvine because of various reasons.  First, the university professors are professionals in my area of interest and therefore will present me with an opportunity of creating strong networks.  My commitment to excel in the field of financial consulting makes me a perfect fit for your various connections and opportunities.  I am looking forward to joining the best university.

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