Marketing Management Research: Apple and iPhone


Apple Inc is a technology company that deals mostly with the sale of Mobile Phones, Music and computer-related goods to its customers globally. The identification and the brand perception employed for use by Apple Inc are some factors that make the company more reputable and loved by many customers in the industry (Wooldrige, D. & Schneider, M. 2010). Apple Inc has numerous features that have made it well known in the market example; the iMack, iPhod, iPhone and iPad even though, this paper focuses on the PESTLE analysis of Apple Inc and iPhone.

The PESTLE analysis, for Apple and iPhone

Political factors

The political factors in the Apple Inc environment present and opportunity in the company through improving trade policies. The government is working to improve free trade policies, which is an opportunity for Apple to trade with other countries leading to more profit from the sale of its iPhones. The government of developing countries is now becoming stable, which gives Apple Inc and opportunity to sell its iPhone product globally.

Economic factors

Economic stability that is experienced in most countries is an opportunity for Apple Inc to expand its business accordingly, especially in the Asian countries where Apple Inc can now sell its iPhone products (Gupta & Prinzinger, 2013). Apple Inc can now increase its revenues through the sale of iPhone products in such economies that act as an opportunity for the company to exploit. The rapid growth of the developing countries in economic terms is a great opportunity for Apple Inc to exploit and this is the reason as to why the company is very fast to capture the market before its competitors do.

Social factors

The rising use of mobile access is an opportunity for Apple, and this is an opportunity for the company to make great sales of its iPhone products. Apple Inc has taken the steps to exploit the opportunity of selling its product basing on the rising use of social media (Gupta & Prinzinger, 2013). The iPhone can be used in accessing the social media, despite it being a quality product compared to other similar products; hence, Apple Inc has an opportunity of making high profits from its sale. Digital services are currently in high demand, and Apple is majoring on this opportunity for its advantage.

Technological factors

The popularity of cloud computing is an opportunity for Apple Inc to offer cloud-friendly devices as well as apps for use. Technological integration is another opportunity associated with technological factors whereby; Apple can major on this opportunity by providing products that seamlessly connect to each other (Capatîna & Draghescu, 2015). Growing of apps market is an opportunity for Apple Inc to sell its iPhone products to various markets both in the business environment and technological dimension.

Ecological factors

The business sustainability is an opportunity for Apple Inc to maintain its business through recycling and improve its energy efficiency using technological solutions. Also, product energy efficiency trend is an opportunity for Apple Inc to secure the market once it improves its customer perception of providing more quality products (Sahoo, 2012). It is clear to state that PESTLE analysis has great opportunities for Apple based on ecological factors.

      Legal factors

Increasing of privacy regulations is a threat to Apple Inc; since, the government has imposed more rules to be followed regarding the privacy of digital technology use. Apple Inc has found this act to be a threat because; the company has a greater challenge of developing new products that have to transmit private information (Wooldrige & Schneider, 2010). On the other side, this policy is an opportunity for the company to improve its iPhone features regarding privacy features. To maintain the company leadership in all its markets, Apple will have to improve its privacy protection in iPhones.


This paper focuses on the PESTLE analysis of Apple Inc and iPhone. It is evident that the PESTLE analysis of Apple Inc proves that most of the external factors act as an opportunity for the company to get to higher heights. However, the company has plans to employ the use of better strategies for addressing all the threats evident in the legal factors to retain its leaderships in the technology industry.


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