Money Is the Root Cause of All Evil

Is money the root of all evil? Despite its usefulness, money has also been associated with bad things in the society. Some people are ready to sacrifice anything just to get money or to protect their money. Therefore, this paper gives a discussion that gives a better explanation as to why money is referred to as the root cause of all evil (Thomas and Randy 13).

 It is true that money is the root cause of all evil as it contributes to unjustified acts within the society. Through a man’s wickedness, he will show unjustified actions to others for the sake of money. Again, a person who is greedy for money will not care for the welfare of others provided he gets the money he wants (Thomas and Randy 15).

Mostly, when a person lacks money or he has a lots of wealth, he will have much stress. Lack of money leads to one’s stress of paying bills, buying wants, and even catering for the basic needs of the family members. On the other hand, the person with excess money will have much problems in trying to protect it from being lost.

Consequently, money has perverted and uprooted principles of evil in the society, thus becoming the stem of bad intentions. Since money is a concept that the whole society agrees to, it is easier for the society to use money in committing crime. Evidently, individuals in the society will use money to pay bribes or kill others due to the love for money (Thomas and Randy 20).

In conclusion, it is true that money is the cause of all evil in the society. Such an argument is true as many people have died due to love for money, while others have portrayed injustice acts under the influence of money. Therefore, money should be used properly without necessarily engaging in evil acts to protect or to multiply it.


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