Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): REFLECTION PAPER

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a widely accepted and reviewed psychological tool that is used to assess personal preferences and personality. I can confidently analyze my personality and preferences, which enable me to grow more as an individual. I am a tested and self-confirmed ESTJ. In basic understandings, I am dedicated, strong-willed, direct and honest because I believe in defending my ideas and principles persistently.  I take pride in bringing people together, enjoy participating in community work, cherish in organizing local events, and I am a strong supporter of traditional values that bring people together. Applying these ideas and principles to my job enable me to make myself an asset and face any imaginable challenges head-on with a toolkit.

Although the questions seemed repetitive, I do admit that the test results appeared for the most parts were accurate both times I took them.  I was alarmed with the assessment which made me agree so much with how it described my character after reading through. It even approved the type of job I am doing full time as I study.  The other students confirmed that the test captured my personality perfectly, leaving no room for doubt. I cannot underestimate the legitimacy of the MBTI. The test is valid, and it truly achieved its purpose (Shen, Prior, White & Karamanoglu 2007, pp.57-58). It has paved the way towards my career.

My upbringing has taught me that I can do whatever I want to do in life provided I get focused and ready to take challenges. Studying MBTI has been an eye opener in my life. I now know that my character and dedication defines what I can or cannot do. MBTI tests have made me firmly believe I am capable of anything.

Since I was a little kid people have been using extroversion as something to describe me. Both of my parents are extremely extroverted people and I believe they passed this trait to me. Finding new people always gives me a fulfilling joy. At my place of work, I usually find myself running into someone I know. Everywhere I go, I carry the phrase that says “I have never met a stranger.”  This trait has enabled me in my place of work to help other people. I cherish in talking when I meet new people. When I go into the field to work, I always find people buzzing around and this encourages me to work throughout the day. My workmates know me as an upbeat person who is ever smiling.

However, being an extrovert has its drawbacks. Sometimes I found myself talking things which do not make sense.  Once I discover that what I am saying is useless, I do keep quiet. I am used to this drawback over the years.  In spite of this drawback, I do enjoy having time to myself and relaxing because I cannot envisage my life short of people.

Ever since I was a little kid, I have valued facts and details in all of my decisions. I like picking the most realistic option because I am the type of person who looks at a situation and figure out all the potential solutions. Sometimes I do step back and look at the situation at the big picture. What I know is that I am a very detailed individual, but I do welcome opinion or change. I do feel I am in between sensing and thinking.  I get obsessed with the details and data when I work on a project.

As I mentioned earlier, my personality was determined to be an ESTJ after taking the MBTI.  I find this personality type, highlighting all the qualities I possess for the most part.  When it comes to sensing versus judging, I am more inclined to trust tangible data rather than feelings that may arise. One of the most visible qualities is feeling part of the situation. In my everyday life, I take pride in the fact that I always put other people’s wants and needs over my own and strive to maintain that personality trait. The outside world has enlarged my perception. I act on given issues depending on my instant perception.

I am loyal, patient, and reliable and I do my best to ensure that people who work with me are treated with kindness and humility.  I do take responsibilities in my place of work to show other workmates the importance of being objective. I prefer to learn by example rather than verbal theory which is perhaps the most defining characteristic that the MBTI revealed to me.  In most cases, I find myself not struggling to get grasps for information in my place of work and lecture.

Another characteristic worth mentioning for this type is the emphasis on ethical behaviour. It is very important because most of the time I find myself relying on my ethical behaviour. All the decisions I make are based on my ethical behavior. I do get less concerned with the everyday worries and material things that many people draw themselves in. Instead, I believe in the word of God. God is the one who empowers people to do great things. Also, it states that people with ESTJ personality traits perform well when given a specific assignment. I feel the same way because I subconsciously find myself taking a task very seriously especially when I believe it is of great importance. It is one of my strengths, and I need to learn to treat every task with the same mentality.

 Occasionally, I do use my knowledge to come up with new ways of accomplishing tasks. Also, I find it worthwhile to use trial and error technique to exploit possibilities within projects. This technique does create more work, but it enables me to accomplish a task in the long run which seemed impossible to other workmates. I am the type of employee who is given a project with a little specification, and I run with it. I found myself asking my boss questions before I start working on the project. At the end of the day, I find myself finishing a project with all the possible details.

The judging characteristic is very useful in my place of work. As my daily routine, I do make lists and check off tasks. I am always less stressed up because I plan my day ahead and I constantly keep time. When I am working on a given assignment, I do have a clear deadline. At my place of work, most assignments take not more than one day to be completed, but recently, I worked on a project that took two weeks.  The project would have taken longer to be completed if I had not planned each work day and having the final due date.  I was able to continue with my normal work beside the special project because I had a target each day.

Thinking characteristic makes me provide practical services as an ESTJ because I want work to be efficient and personal.  I feel this can best apply to a field where students are involved. I am always engaged, warm-hearted, and encouraged while working with students. Being in this preferred job, I would be an academic advisor. I think I can make a difference in my students’ lives if I take this field. I found myself taking part in a student’s college journey from start to finish because it gives me the opportunity. Academic Advising is a critical service that most students in college used it to make a difference in their lives (Rutherfoord, 2006, pp. 13). Also, I see myself involving in Student Activities, Career Services, and among others. Working in these departments requires one to be organized.

What I have come to learn is that most results of the MBTI assessment are very similar to that of my strengths finder more so that of my restorative and responsibility strengths.  The restorative aspect explains that I am a problem solver for people and work to enhance my weaknesses to serve better the people I work with as defined in the restorative aspect. The drive that I have of being loyal to people by letting my ethical behavior to guide my actions is illustrated by the responsibility. On many occasions, I have found myself doing all I can to see a job done especially when I see its importance. Also, I do my best not to break a promise because I understand its value.

The most important thing I value in life is my belief. I do look to religious leaders every time I make decisions. I value the importance of following in the footsteps of Jesus as my religious leaders do. Day in day out I am always happy because my beliefs are unchanging. I go about quietly with a sense of joyfulness because my beliefs allow me to do that as put by the MBTI packet learned in class.

From above discussion, good interpersonal skills, thoughtfulness, pleasing people, talkative, enjoying helping people, and being warm-hearted are some of the characteristics of being an ESTJ. I use these characteristics to describe myself. The test is extremely accurate.  Prior to the assignment, I had experience with Myers-Briggs because of what the type indicated of me. I have found it telling me who I am in the work setting and has also explained how I should take my life after researching it more in depth in this class. The test has enabled me to appreciate who I am.  The most of the time I prefer being with people. I find myself helping people. At my place of work, my seniors feel comfortable when they give me a project. As an ESTJ, I do not forget myself as I please people.


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