Orem’s Nursing Theory Explained

The Orem Nursing practice a simple nursing concept that is aimed at improving the health condition of the patient at home level effectiveness (Kozier et al, 1998). This nursing models stresses on individual’s ability to perform a self-care.

Unlike the general nursing theory, the Orem’s nursing theory assumes that people should be self-reliant and responsible.  Furthermore, it assumes that nursing practice should involve close interaction of two or more persons. Under Orem’s model, the patient knowledge of the health problems is needed to improve his or her health condition. The Orem’s theory encompass three related theories namely; the theory of nursing systems, the theory of self-care, the theory of self-care deficit.

Unlike the general nursing idea, Orem’s model takes care of three significant steps. First step involves the assessment and collection of data to determine what needs to be addressed or the problem at hand. The second step is a diagnostic approach that involves the creation of a nursing care plan that would be used to take care of the patient. The final step involves the implementation and the evaluation of nursing process evaluation. Under this step, the nurse sets the healthcare plan into motion as demanded by the patient and his healthcare team and allows for proper evaluation plan.

Orem’s nursing theory covers the weaknesses of general nursing idea related to the nursing practice, nursing education, and administration. In addition, Orem’s model recognizes that health promotion and health maintenance are important contemporary approaches to healthcare delivery. The general nursing idea assumes that nursing is static and is never changing. On the other hand, Orem’s nursing model assumes that nursing dynamic and ever changing.


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