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What sales tactic methods can I apply for my business plan?

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The business world is associated with cutthroat competition that its becoming a challenge for most business. Only those who come up with new and innovative ideas are able to remain relevant in the business world. This implies that entrepreneurs have to be very creative in formulating their ideas so that they can convince their customers and remain relevant in business world. Sale tactics is becoming more complex as each and every organization is trying to come up with their unique ways. The following are some of the methods we will be applying in our sale tactics.

Methods used

First we shall assemble a team of marketers with very strong marketing skills, give them proper orientation of what we expect from them. This team will act as our sales representative. We then divide the in portions which each segment performing their own unique task. We will then look for strong sale organizations. The sale organizations will provide us with networks we need to penetrate the market. The initial plan is to choose a sale steam of casual laborer but in the long run we will select the best and have them on permanent basis. This means that we shall be monitoring the sales men and analyzing who is doing what then rank them according to their performance. Payment will be based on how much sales a person makes and those who reach a particular target will be given bonus.

The sales representative will be selected from a team of young and aggressive people who are able to move for one place to another and convince customers properly. They will be given a particular uniform so that they can easily be noticed in a crowd. They will be properly trained about the product they are promoting so that they can answer questions which may arise from customers properly. The sales representatives will exploit all avenues available in the internet like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others will be SEO writers. Advertising will also be made in the newspapers and in magazines. This is because we want this product to create a brand name. Sales will be made directly to customers and discount will be given to those who buy in bulk. Another team will be set up to carry market research on demand areas, competition and customer feedback. Every sales person is required to sale at least one unit of product per day. This will translate to 366 units of sale in a year per person. In the following year, we anticipate to double these sales. The commission of 5% will be awarded to sales people for every sale made.