Taoist Principle of Wu Wei

The Taoist principle of Wu Wei entails knowing when and how to apply effort to a particular task. This principle helps to ensure that no effort is wasted on unnecessary tasks by supporting simple living. However, the principle does not apply to duties that need effort to finish. Also, the principle appreciates that there are some important things in life that does not necessarily require extra effort and hard work to accomplish. The extra effort to achieve such things can even be counterproductive. Therefore, the principle of Wu Wei holds that we may not be in control of all the things in life. Paradoxical as it may sound, doing nothing can account for doing something. Some good things happen naturally and spontaneously. Taking life as it may come may be necessary for some moment.

The principle of Wu Wei is beneficial since it helps the humans to achieve a state of happiness. Happiness is not something that humans seek, but they can easily achieve happiness by simply doing things that make them happy. Therefore, you cannot try to be happy, but you can do things that make you happy. Happiness cannot be found by seeking happiness, but can be found by doing things that make you happy. Therefore, too much effort to seek happiness can only be counterproductive and result to miserable life.

The principle of Wu Wei also helps us to enhance love among ourselves. According to this principle, you cannot try hard to find love, but will automatically find someone to get along with. By finding the perfect person to get along with, the other person will love you in return. Also, you cannot walk around looking for someone to love. However, you will automatically find someone to love as you get along with life.


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