Testing While Driving

Texting while driving is a way of communication while aimed at passing information from one person to another. Likewise, communication is the process by which ideas and thoughts are passed from one person to another to bring understanding. Moreover, communication channels aid in communication. Throughout history, communication channels have taken different forms. Through different inventions and technology, new forms of communication were invented based on the needs of the society. Basically, mobile phones are the instrumental in changing the phase of communication. In addition, mobile phones have introduced a form of communication named texting. Texting is a form of communication which incorporates the use of symbols to send a message (Henders8 and Just for Geniuses 70). Also, texting is becoming one of the most popular means of communication in the world. Generally, the youths are known to be active participants in texting. The texting mode of communication is a method, which uses the physical and psychological aspects of an individual. Majorly, texting while driving is a growing trend that is gaining popularity in the society. Various issues have risen due to the act of texting while driving. This paper gives a discussion to help improve our understanding of the direction the society is heading in regards to driving and texting.

            Driving while texting has been the centre of debate in a recent decade when it comes to regulations. Evidently, this habit is attributed to various road accidents in the country. Again, driving while texting is becoming one of the leading causes of road accidents, surpassing accidents caused by drinking and driving. On the other side, texting often offers a distraction to drivers as it entails an engrossing process of the brain. During that time, a person’s mind is often taken off the road and diverted by mobile phones. Additionally, the leading demographics when it comes to drinking and driving are youths. Accidents regarding texting and driving have been accountable for more than 3000 deaths and more than 300,000 injuries (Henders8 and Just for Geniuses 82). Statistics show that more than ten youths die every day as a result of accidents that are caused by texting while driving. In the United States, the Department of Transport uses the term driver distraction to classify talking with cell phones and texting while driving. More than 800,000 people normally text while driving in a single day in America. However, most people carry out this activity regardless of different state laws that ban this act.

            Basically, there are various reasons as to why texting while driving is dangerous. Moreover, driving is a continuous activity that involves serious concentration on the road. Texting often takes the mind of the driver away from the road, making him or her unaware to the occurrence on the road. Statistics state that major accidents on the highway are non-vehicle related, but often a form of distraction. Also, 55% of the road accidents that are caused by distractive items can be preventable (Henders8 and Just for Geniuses 91). In cases, where a person uses his mobile phones while driving he increases his chances of being involved in a road crash. The prevalence of accidents caused by young people who use their mobile phones to text while driving is high. The reason is because; they often have a low concentration on the road as they are engraved in communicating with their friends. Likewise, some texts require concentration in order to send the correct message. Such concentration on the text often makes these youths forget what is happening on the road. They end up breaking most of the road rules. Old drivers just like the youths who often find it difficult to multi-task. Such youths have low ability in carrying out two things at the same time, thus, reducing the chances of texting while driving. When these youths engage in texting, they often forget to operate the vehicle effectively. Such actions increase death risk for the driver, passengers, and other road users.

            The risks that come with the act of texting while driving are grave and bills were passed to ban this act. Likewise, such reasons have forced different states to take actions in order to prevent further damage caused by this act. At the moment, there are six states that have prohibited the act of texting while driving. Twenty-one states, including the District of Columbia decided to ban the use of phones for learner-drivers (Henders8 and Just for Geniuses 97). On the other side, seventeen states banned the use of cell phones for all the school bus drivers. However, studies have shown that regulation regarding banning cell phone use has not played a huge part in reducing accidents caused by texting.

            The government has had many responses to distractions to driving in the past. On October 1st, 2009, the president of America, Barrack Obama released an executive order that prevented every state official from engaging in the act of texting while operating federal vehicles when on federal duties. It also prevented the use of electronic tools while operating a federal business. In the same year, the U.S Department of Transportation announced that it would propose three new rules. It proposed that there should be a ban on electronic devices and cell phones on rail operators. It stipulated that there should be a ban on cell phone use by bus and truck drivers. Basically, the majority of road accidents are caused by texting while driving. In addition, the number of people who engage in the act of texting and driving has increased (Henders8 and Just for Geniuses 105). A 2008 poll carried out by a telecommunication industry that supports drinking and driving has indicated that 19% of Vermont drivers participate in texting while driving. Consequently, Vermont has a lower texting rate as compared to other states. Out of all states, Vermont has the second lowest driving and texting rates.

In Conclusion, nearly everyone around the world agrees that texting and driving is extremely dangerous. Evidently, texting while driving certainly is not a good traffic habit and it has claimed thousands of innocent lives in the past few years. Also, texting while driving is rated approximately six times, likely to cause an accident as compared to driving while intoxicated. According to the Polls, 97% of Americans are in support of the ban of using cell phones while texting. This means that there is an overlap of people who have texted and driving while they support the ban. The above discussion has proved that law enforcers have stressed on the dangers of driving and texting. Distractions on the highway are often fatal. On the other side, cell phones serve as a good example of these distractions as it makes an individual react to changes on the road. Moreover, different states have enacted bills that seek to reduce the level of texting on the road. Such a move is carried out to increase road safety.


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