Theodicy and Judaism Response Paper

The recent focus in class has been mostly about Theodicy and Judaism.  Theodicy is something that I had never learned about within religion but found it to be interesting as well as something that played an essential role.  In talking about theodicy the nomos, an ordered world operating according to understanding and predictable laws, as well as anomic, which is something that disrupts the nomos, play a large role in theodicy.  The example of theodicy that I think makes it easiest to understand is the role of karma.  With karma every action had a counter action.  It keeps everything stable, all though theodicy can be challenged, especially in Christianity; it has a way to be continually upheld.

Once again as we continue learning about different religions, we continually see overlap among all of them.  Theodicy is constantly present, as well as eschatology.  Another overlap that was recently talked about was the messiah.  Within Judiasm a messiah is known as the anointed one.  He attempts to unite all the tribes of Israel.  This very much reminded me of the role of the Dalai Lama played within Tibet.  He posed as a political leader as well as someone who had the ability to bring together an entire country.  Both leaders were chosen by their god to fufill his actions.

As we continue our studies in Judaism I think it will be a really interesting and prevalent topic.  Being a political science major we are constantly looking at the situation is Israel and the conflict that is constantly taking place.  Because the current situation is so concentrated around religion, it is really cool to be able to see the historical side of it and see how it comes into play in politics.  I am excited to keep learning about new religious traditions as well as start my research on a more specific topic in religion.


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