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Tips for Writing Academic Paper

Writing academic paper

Writing academic paper is simple yet complicated. The student should be knowledgeable in order to produce high quality papers. The student has to be properly educated to understand what he/she is writing.

Just like other occupations, experience is a big asset for academic writers. Students need proper orientation before they embark in writing, lest they write poor quality papers.

Writing requires good mastery of language to avoid grammatical errors. Good command of language alone does not result into good academic paper. One has to adhere to a sequential and logical flow of the ideas in supporting the argument. It requires critical thinking to persuade the reader about the content of the written work. The writer must, therefore, deeply understand the topic of discussion to enable him/her to analyze the topic.

Since writing is a collaborative task, the writer is reviews various literature on the topic of study. This enables him/her to come up with a comparative argument in discussing the topic. The writer should be careful to select only the relevant material so as not to divert from the subject in discussion. Therefore, the choice of resources is critical to the success of the academic work.

There are several avenues especially in the internet where a writer can get variety of reference materials. Online libraries have a good collection of books and journals which can be used by a writer. One of the best online libraries is Ebscohost. The advantage of using internet sources is that there are a wide collection of materials which can easily be availed by the touch of a button. The writer should be careful not to select very old books for references; instead he should look for the recent ones.

Time management is very important in academic writing. In order to produce a well written academic paper, it should be commenced in good time. This helps to avoid doing shoddy work due to rushing to beat the deadline for submission. Proper time management also allows for a good time for research, planning and writing the final draft and. This gives time for proper revision and proof reading before submitting the final draft. This ensures that the submitted paper is of high quality work which translates to good grades.

Citation styles are the various methods of giving credit to referenced sources. It’s the most effective way of avoiding plagiarism while providing a well-researched work.

Citing the sources enables the reader to explore and to examine the extent of research done. Giving credit to authors through citation makes the authors feel privileged and appreciated. Citing authors work shows respect and appreciation.

There are various methods of citation. American Psychological Association (APA) commonly used in academic writing. The use of this citation is common in social sciences (Concordia). Another important citation style is Modern Language Association (MLA). The use of MLA is common within liberal arts and humanity subjects. Other types of citation styles are Harvard and Chicago/Turabian among others. Most of the tasks come with the recommended citation style need. Purude Lab is a good source for citation methods

Whenever citation style is not stated, the writer may use the most applicable citation style depending on the subject. The student should not use more than one citation style in the paper. While writing academic papers, the students should write everything in their own words to avoid plagiarism.

Highly graded academic is characterized by the following:

Free from any form of plagiarism

Has proper content/instructions followed

Written in proper grammar

Written in the required format

Delivered on time

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