Are Video Games Bad for You

The video games have been known to provide great entertainment for children and young adults. The war games, superheroes, police and the criminals are some of the games that involve endless shooting and fighting. With the recent developments in technology, the video games have evolved from 2-D to a variety of fast paced and realistic experiences. To most people, the rough and violent games are the most lucrative to watch and play. These video games can be good and bad depending on various factors. This argumentative essays analyzes whether the video games are good.

First, video games provide a good form of entertainment for several people. When one is bored, he/she can easily switch to the video games and get entertained. The entertainment offers trough the video games are so many such that you can easily switch from one game to another. They are also flexible in that the gamer can switch from one mode or level to another level with the switch of a button. Therefore, the video games offer somebody an opportunity to spend free time while being entertained. On the same note, the video games enhance the ability of people to socialize within the community and build quality relationships. For example, video games offer a chance for the parents and their kids to play together within the common platform. Also, the video games enhance the bond between the friends as they challenge each other on their capabilities. The children also get the chance to socialize and make new friends in public gaming places. Such friendships can also be extended to other areas of life, leading to positive developments.

Some video games also involve multiple players at the same time. The benefit of such games is that they encourage teamwork and cooperation in people. During such games, a person can easily learn to formulate plans, share ideas, and distribute tasks among the members of his team. On the same note, they are able to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues. We live in a divergent society where teamwork and cooperation are important skills needed for healthy social development. Therefore, anything that can foster teamwork and cooperation is good for the society.

To some people, the video games lead to sharpened minds and enhanced analytical skills (Becker-Olsen & Patricia 85). It requires strategic thinking handling operations with much precision for one to win the video games. Actually, some video games can push an individual competence by enabling them to master certain skills and overcome some obstacles in life. For example, the war games can enhance an individual’s capability of dealing with criminals when attacked.

Despite their benefits, the video games can also be harmful to our lives. The effects of video games are easily evident in the human behavior. Generally, video games are very addictive (Lemmens, Patti, & Jochen 41). Addiction to video games is very terrible as it interferes with the productive life of a person. When you are addicted to the video games, you tend to consume a huge portion of your quality time playing. If the addict is a student, he/she will spend very little time on studies as most of the time is spent playing the video games. Eventually, the academic performance of such student will deteriorate significantly.

Some video games also show very violent content that tends to affect personal behavior. Studies have suggested that continued exposure to violent video content can lead to the development of violent behavior (Adachi & Teena 98). A good number of violent games are based on the bad notion that killing and suppressing others lead to rewards. Studies have also suggested that addiction to video games can affect an individual perception and way of thinking (Lemmens, Patti, & Jochen 41). The leading characters within the games eventually become their role models. Later one, they may imitate the game and the roles without knowing that the game is offensive. Unconsciously, such people can perfect the offensive nature of the characters they saw in the video games in real life situation. In the same study, it was noted that a child that plays violent content can experience increased heart rate and brain activity. The abnormal heart rate and brain activity are likely to affect the psychological behavior of the child. 

Studies have also indicated that violent games initiates the state of irritation, making such people more inclined to brutal behavior and aggression (Becker & Patricia 93). These gamers consider violence as a normal component of life due to their continued involvement with such scenes in the video games. When they see the reality of somebody being stabbed or shot, they become almost numb. Every society should be concerned with increasing desensitization to violence caused by the video games.

It has also been established that continued involvement in video games can result in some health complications. Unlike the video games, the normal games involve lots of physical movement that enhances the physical fitness of those involved. However, the video games involve less physical movements since they are played while seated. Some people could sit as long as 8hours in a day playing the video games. It has been established that spending long hours sitting and glued to the screen increases the risks of developing certain kinds of disorders (Lemmens, Patti, & Jochen 41). For example, such people are likely to experience cholesterol build up within their bodies. When these happen, such people are at high risks of developing cardiovascular disorders and obesity. Some people may also play these games while consuming large volumes of junk food. Such people are often associated with overweight and obesity. On the same note, such people are likely to become dull and less active. Therefore, overindulgence in video games can result in health problems.

The conflict resolution skills of a person can also be influenced by the violent games. Societies where people are poor in conflict resolution skills are likely to experience constant challenges in their relationships. Playing the video games exposes people to hunger and hostility towards their opponents. Continued involvement in the video games makes the gamer to believe that violent approach is the most effective way of solving their differences.

In conclusion, the video games are a good way of entertainment in the most convenient manner. It is evident that these games have become indispensable part of our normal life. They offer to people much pleasure in playing the hi-tech gadgets perfected with animated characters. The computerized manner in which the video games are organized helps someone to relieve stress and spend his free time. However, people should not forget that the same video games can be harmful to their lives. Despite their benefits, people should play the video games with moderation due to their potential harmful effects on people.


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