Waste Disposal Management Strategy at Entertainment Hub

            As defined in various studies, waste management is the generation, prevention, characterization, monitoring, treatment, handling, reuse and residual disposition of solid wastes. The term usually relates to materials produced by human activity, and the process is generally undertaken to reduce their effect on health and the environment.

            To properly dispose waste, the Entertainment Hub will provide waste bins to make sure that these waste materials are well-managed and properly controlled. The management will also tap the local government garbage collection team to regularly collect from building premises all collected waste materials to be properly disposed by them.

An important method of waste management is the prevention of waste material being created, also known as waste reduction. Methods of avoidance for Entertainment Hub include reuse of second-hand products, repairing broken items instead of buying new, designing products to be refillable or reusable (such as paper bags instead of plastic shopping bags), encouraging consumers to avoid using disposable products (such as disposable cutlery), and removing any food/liquid remains from cans and packaging.

            In addition, the Entertainment Hub waste disposal management strategy will embark on these two (2) major activities: REUSING and RECYCLING.

  1. Reuse

Instead of being disposed of, materials that are recovered from business operation and decontaminated may be able to be reused. Reusing these materials protects the environment by saving resources, including energy, and landfill space. This option should be considered before more permanent disposal options in order to minimize the amount of waste needing disposal.


  1. Recycling

Recycling involves making materials that would otherwise be disposed of as waste into valuable resources for new products. Recycling these materials protects the environment by saving resources, including energy, and other virgin materials.

The advantages of this program to the company includes: additional revenue generation by selling the materials, it saves resources and energy and saves space for garbage sites. However, some possible consequences are posed for the company that requires treatment first to ensure safe usability; it may also require sampling before recycling and public perception regarding usability of the product.


Utilities of the Company

  1. Water Utilities

To provide continuous and ample water supply for the company’s daily operation, Entertainment Hub will acquire its water source from BACIWA. However, the company will also utilize water tanks to serve as reservoir to ensure that water is available anytime it is needed by the company and its customers.


  1. Power and Electricity

Power and electricity will be sourced out from CENECO. However, in order for the company to ensure enough power supply, especially during brownouts, the company will purchase power generators which will serve as standby source of power and electricity.


In this kind of business, power and electricity is an important factor for the success of every event and entertainment presentation that the company will conduct.


  1. Telephone and Communications Facility

Landline telephone facility will be provided by PLDT to ensure that communication facility is 24/7 available. This facility will be used by the company to speed up communication processes, especially for bookings, ticket reservations and other services provided by the company for its customers. Furthermore, cellular or mobile phones will be subscribed form SMART Communications, Globe and SUN Networks to support the communication facilities of the company.


  1. Internet Facility

In this era, where technology plays a significant part of our daily lives, it is essential also for business establishments to have an internet connection to be at par with competitors. Thus, Entertainment Hub will provide WIFI (Wireless Fidelity) connection which will be sourced out from PLDT. This facility will be an added attraction to potential customers.


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